Hello love! How would you feel?

💞 If you were deeply reconnected with your True self (Soul) and your unique Purpose?

✨ If you had crystal clear CLARITY on how to manifest your deepest desires?

🙌 If you were able to grow your business confidently, mastering your inner critic?

💰 If you were receiving beautiful streams of money for the Soul work you do?

If all this sounds good to you, Soul Aligned & Wealthy VIP program is for you!

"Seriously, Daria's intuitive gifts are something else."
[Kelsey Wittman Sz, Modern Intuition Massage]

Hi! I’m Daria – Your Soul & Business Coach

When I was a child, I often felt like I was too grown-up for my peers as I’d struggle to find a common ground with them. “You’re an old Soul” – I was told once and since then referred to many times.

As time went by, I learnt to communicate with my Soul directly through Creating and channelling divine wisdom.  Endless piano improvisations, singing, painting, writing songs and fairy tales, became my sanctuary – and a natural state of being.

After I’ve reached the bottom line physically and mentally, experiencing the dark night of my Soul, I discovered my Soul’s highest Purpose, aligned to it while unlocking unlimited streams of abundance and joy. Since then I’ve been helping coaches, creatives & changemakers with exactly that!

What is my favourite bonus to this magic? That my clients don’t have to walk the same long way that I did in order to experience so much joy and abundance coming from being aligned to their Souls, their unique Purpose and taking powerful action. That saved time and energy is priceless.

"Daria is incredibly supportive and during the 1:1 coaching she always asks the right questions and says exactly the words you need to hear to move forward on your journey."
[Adela Skladalova, Intuitive Coach]

Soul Aligned & Wealthy VIP Program – Your Time to Shine! 🤩


✔️ 3 months of close, deeply transformative, 1:1 cooperation

✔️ 1-hour long deep dive Zoom coaching session every two weeks

✔️ My Mon-Fri support on Telegram (in form of recorded or written messages)

✔️ Access to exclusive resources including Clarity Generators, Meditations and more

✔️ You will be able to grow in a safe and compassionate environment. I’ll always have your back.

Total value of the package: 3000 USD

YOUR Investment

$ 1997 (starting at $ 687 / monthly)

"If you are thinking about cooperation with Daria, don't hesitate. It will be a rocket start for your idea, business or in case you feel misaligned, getting you back on track."
[Nikola Pilarova, Nikola a zeny]

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“I consider the period when I worked with Daria to be a very important period when I moved ahead tremendously. Thanks to Daria, I understood a lot of things and why they are happening to me the way they do. I have returned to my Soul, to my essence and to the fact that I can live my life and do my business exactly according to myself, which is really essential and important to me.

Daria has a great gift for revealing and naming what I felt, but I didn’t know how to handle. She showed me the paths I needed to see at that very moment. I was also pleasantly surprised by the amount of care and support she gave me and I realized how extremely important is the care I should give to myself, to my Soul. Daria really is an amazing human being, don’t hesitate to work with her. You will feel the difference.”

[Kvetuse Vasirova, Photographer & Mentor]

“Prior to working with Daria, I was on my own. I never had much support from others because nobody would understand me. I was always more ambitious than everybody around me, and they wouldn’t understand why I couldn’t live a normal life.

All that changed when I met Daria. Not only she supported me in everything I do more than I could imagine, but she also made me see what I could do better in my business and my personal life.

During our work together, she helped me get clear and very specific about what I do, why I do it, and who I do it for. She helped me to get out of my comfort zone, find my strength and my voice. When I was under Daria’s wings, she helped me to grow much faster than I would on my own as she helped me to make huge leaps forward.

Daria helped me to take more responsibility for my life, to be in alignment with my soul and my purpose and gave me tips on how to always be able to reconnect. She was there when I needed her. Only after the first few days, I knew it was worth it.

I would definitely recommend Daria’s coaching to others (in fact, I have done so already). And that is because she is wonderful to work with, she knows her shit and walks her talk. She can give people incredible clarity and make them see where exactly they need to work on themselves.“

[Misha Fryc, Fine Artist]

Book Your Call Now

Book a 30min. Free Clarity Call with me now and receive my ultimate guidance to your next best steps towards your True purpose and limitless abundance! Nothing to lose but so much to gain. ✨