Are You a Multipassionist?

Throughout our life, we take on all kinds of roles. Student, employee, IT engineer, violinist, jogger, doctor, you name it. But a role of a multipassionist, that sounds quite unusual, doesn’t it?

I’ve got some news for you! Since you are reading this right now in this time and space, there is a high chance that this role is for YOU too. Unwrap the 7+1 points below and see if it’s the case!


You are quite possibly a multipassionist if …

Point 1

All your life, you have struggled to pick one of your passions and dedicate all your time and energy to it in order to have a fulfilled and happy life.

Point 2

You maybe did pick one passion of yours and tried mastering it, but by doing so you have burnt out and found out something was terribly missing in your life.

Point 3

You’ve always been interested in more fields, you’ve always been a person of more hobbies, possibly even unrelated to each other.

Point 4

When choosing what to study or do for living you have gone through a great pain selecting ONE thing to focus on.

Point 5

You have been doubting your sanity, comparing yourself to others specialising and following one passion and questioning whether you are simply broken, not talented enough or just too lazy to achieve anything at all.

Point 6

You feel best when your brain is “on fire”, when you can connect your knowledge from all the things you have tried and learnt earlier, may it be in intellectual or hands-on work.

Point 7

You need utter freedom and more ways to express yourself.


And most importantly. You are a multipassionist if you decide to be one!

No one can confirm this to you better than yourself as you are the master of your life and you are the one who can always DECIDE. So my dear, are you a multipassionist or are you not?

If you’re still unsure or would simply need a bit of fuel to start your multipassionist journey, I’ve got you covered. Head over here for my ebook which contains all you need for your successful takeoff! (Coming soon! In the meantime, go grab yourself a free copy of 7 Step Guide to Multipassionist Self-Care)

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