Holistic Healing


Do this and you will heal. Eat this and you will heal. Don’t eat this and you will heal.

The truth is, none of this will work if you don’t truly believe it will.

One year ago I was diagnosed with MS

Around this time exactly one year ago, I was still having difficulties to write, play the piano or do basic things such as eat with cutlery. The reason for that was a flare-up of a newly developed condition of my body which was diagnosed as an autoimmune disease. If you haven’t heard of the term “autoimmune” before, it’s called this way because the body seems to attack its own cells (even though some experts claim that this is not the case at all, but we will not get into this right now). The diagnosis that I was given was MS or multiple sclerosis.

After refusing chemical / hormonal therapy to ease my symptoms (and I say on purpose ease my symptoms, not heal my condition as the doctors have confidently confirmed to me) I have buried myself in researching all possible ways of how could I be healed – entirely and naturally.

Exactly one year ago, you would find me in my home binge reading all the literature written on healing, self-healing, nutrition, metaphysical causes of diseases, energy healing and so much more. You would find me changing my diet completely, weekly going to acupuncture treatments, meditating, visualising, trying to understand who I really am, connecting to my Soul and my inner child and trying to understand why. Why did it happen to me?


Being very busy with finding answers for my two most important questions at that time – WHY did it happen and HOW can I heal myself, I didn’t see first that it’s simply not possible to follow all the advice given because if you try to do that, all you get is become completely overwhelmed, not at all healed.

And I often did get overwhelmed. But what the past year had taught me, and I consider the year 2019 the most challenging yet the most important and enriching year of my life, is that the last thing you need to do in the process of healing is to get overwhelmed. And if that’s the last thing you should do, what’s the first thing then?

The first thing is to connect.

Connect to yourself, to your body, mind and soul. You cannot separate one from another and yet we still do that. (Unfortunately, this is not what our society promotes but I believe we are on the edge of change). If you are disconnected and you give all your power to someone else, it is very difficult to mobilize the innate healing capacity that is present in all of us.

Recently I’ve been amazed by educating myself on free diving. Again, these people confirm that we all have capacities we are not even aware of, even though we’ve always had them! But if we’re not aware of them, how can we use them then?

I strongly felt that there was natural healing capacity in me, at that time more unconsciously then consciously, when the diagnosis was announced to me in a cold and with no sign of compassion present manner. I’d cried my eyes out of fear days before hearing it but when the doctor told me that it was actually the case, there were no tears in my eyes. I only smiled. Because I somehow knew that this would be a wonderful challenge and it would change my life forever. And it did.


I believe that the most important message that every doctor, natural healer, therapist or anyone else involved in helping others heal should pass on to the patient/client:

“You have innate healing capacity. You can heal. 
I will do my best to help you discover the right way for you to heal.”

Have you ever heard that from a doctor of any kind?

You would be extremely lucky if you have. And yet, that is really the way to heal.

There is no ONE way to heal. There is only your way. You can do what ten thousand other people did with the same condition and you will not heal. The key here is to find the right way for YOU to mobilize your healing power. Because it does exist, no matter the disease (last year, I’d educated myself on countless cases of so called “incurable diseases” with successful recoveries). So, there is hope, always, and the hope is you and your natural healing power.

Your power might need a push with something and that’s OK. It can be medication or health supplements, it can be energy healing, it can be one of the endless methods of healing that exist in our world. But it needs to be something that you really believe in, otherwise it won’t work.

But there is a way for you to heal. Always, my lovely reader. ♥

Year 2020

I am going to jump ahead in my story all the way to now – the present moment. In the present moment, I have learnt to understand my body+mind+spirit much better. I know what makes it feel good and I know what doesn’t.

Thanks to addressing my traumas from my childhood, I can now quickly identify where my feelings are coming from and what they really mean. Have I fully processed my traumas? Nope, I think that can take a lifetime but I can certainly find more patience, understanding and appreciation for myself, plus I can find compassion for the people involved in my trauma much easier.

Thanks to allowing myself to be who I really am, I can freely create, compose, paint, write and work passionately with other beautiful Souls on their path of healing. Yes, healing, because as I’ve already mentioned, you can never separate body from the mind nor the soul. So, when we are working on you reconnecting with your Soul in an Akashic Records reading, a Human Design reading or we are making phenomenal changesin the 1:1 Private Mentorship Program, the entire You is healing.


A cliché is a cliché for a reason. And so, gratitude no matter how often it is being mentioned these days, is in my opinion not lived and felt enough. That’s one of the invaluable things that MS taught me.

Unlike in the past, I am now grateful to be alive and for MS entering my life to give me a restart I desperately needed.

I am grateful to be healthy.

I am grateful to be full of energy, to be able to play the piano again, write by hand, be the best mum to my little daughter, be the best wife to my amazing husband and all of this completely without any medication. Because my brain is my pharmacy 😊 It has all the drugs that I need.

Do I need something to cool down? To relax? I take a time off. I lay down. Ask someone for help. Go for a walk in nature, on my own. I aim for at least one walk per week but sometimes even more is needed.

Am I starting to feel bad about myself? Am I getting carried away by self-destructive thoughts and getting distant from my Soul? I observe, where these feelings are coming from. And I get “high on my own supply” with Wim Hof breathing, I expose my body to super cold water, I charge myself with beautiful and healing pranic energy.

I have developed a nice little selection of things that I can do to feel great over the past year. To experience joy in my life. To be grateful for little things and to stay present. Because that’s all we really have. The present moment. Both the past and the future are only constructs and attaching to either of them is no good.

If I was able to get to this point, you can too

Yes, really. This is accessible to all of us, no matter the circumstances. There is no other world, there are no worse or better times, there is just now and where you are right now. And we don’t need more than that. Because that’s already plenty.

Yes, sometimes there can be some hiccups on our journey and that’s completely normal. Growth, progress, healing, neither of this is linear, remember! (Well, I personally tend to forget sometimes so I have the little reminder below on sight. Feel free to get inspired and make your own!)

What there really is, is only Now and a divine universe inside of You. So, what will You do with your Now to experience the miraculousness of your universe? ✨

Some of My Favourite Resources

  • Gabor Maté – When the Body Says No
  • Bruce Lipton – Biology of Belief
  • Louise Hay – You Can Heal Your Life
  • Julia Cameron – The Artist’s Way
  • Elisabeth Kübler-Ross – The Tunnel and the Light
  • Eckhart Tolle – The Power of Now
  • Clemens Kuby – Na cestě do sousední dimenze, Moje putování za léčiteli a šamany (Unfortunately I haven’t found an English version, only original in German – Unterwegs in die nächste Dimension)

I’d Love to Hear From You

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