Creative Consultation

Feeling stuck?
💞 Unsure about what next step to take in alignment with your Soul?
🤯 Or simply feeling overwhelmed and lost?


I’ve been there, my darling multipassionist. And so I also know the way out.

Let me guide you so that you can find your way back to You and your highest purpose.

Let’s make your Soul shine again! 🌟

“I’ve been attracted to Daria’s energy since the first moment I read her posts on Instagram. Our work together helped me stop pushing myself too hard and allow myself to flow freely. Thanks to this, I recovered from chronic physical problem that was coming back all the time and in few days after the healing session, I got an inspiration for a new project – coming from a place of lightness and joy.”

– Adela Skladalova,

How Does it Work?

We will connect via Zoom/Skype in a time suitable for both us. The consultation will take 1-1,5 hour. You will receive my ultimate guidance and thought-and-action provoking questions which will help you uncover your best next step in harmony with your True Self. All of this in a safe and loving environment.

Your Investment:

­✨ 111 € / 127 $ / 2900 Kč

Why Consult with Me?

– Because I am a genuine multipassionist with years of experience and a living proof of that anything is possible.
– Because my multipassionate portfolio numbers a wide spectrum of areas I smartly combine for your highest benefit.
(Just to name a few: entrepreneurship, freelancing, career changing, artistry (making and selling), webdesign, holistic and self-healing, energy work, psychotherapy and trauma work. You will receive exactly what you need right now to achieve a priceless breakthrough moment.)

– Because my clients mean the world to me and my job is done when I see their eyes sparkling again.

Can’t wait to see yours! ♥

Lovely Words from Lovely Clients

Daria is a very good listener, adept at creating the space for an in-depth conversation to happen. She asks pointed questions and encourages you to dig deep for the knowledge that exists within you. She has great suggestions for routines to find clarity and growth. Her friendly openness is perfect to get the best out of you and help you reach your goals.“

– Ilaria Merizalde,

 ­„… Surprisingly the words, feelings and emotions just burst out of me. I couldn’t share these feelings before, no one seemed to be such a good listener and advice-giver as Daria.“

– Luca Sára Farkas,

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