Light your Creative Fire Challenge 🔥

20-day Challenge to Instantly Boost Your Creativity & Have Fun!

Let’s ride on the energy of passion, action & new beginnings, shall we?

(🤫 Psst! The stars couldn’t be aligned any better as that’s exactly what the current season of Aries has in store for us! ✨)

“So what’s the challenge, Daria?” – I hear you say …


The challenge is really quite simple. Create a little something every day for 20 days consecutively (from April 1-20) & report it back to me 🙂 (hello free accountability from a professional coach!)


What can you create?

My darling, anything you like.

Here are some supporting questions.

🤔 Is there something you want to get better at?

🤔 Is there something you want to further explore?

🤔 Is there something you really enjoy doing but haven’t been making enough space for?


Some examples

­🎨 Sketch / drawing / painting / digital art
📸 Photo (creative, intuitive, flatlay, flower, landscape, any topic you’re being drawn to)
🎶 A piece of music / song
✍️ Poem / short story, article or a simple thought
📽️ Video

The sky is your limit!

Why should you join?

Because it’s an awesome opportunity to:

✅ Ride the wave of passion, action and new beginnings
✅ Improve your skills by doing something just for the joy of it with other like-minded Souls
✅ Increase your vibration
✅ Harmonize your body, mind and Soul by creating in the present moment
✅ Get more clarity on what you enjoy and what you want from life
✅ Have some fun!

✅ 😮 Oh, and have I mentioned that one of the active participants will win a private 45min. coaching session with me in a giveaway at the end of the challenge?!! (normally worth 197 EUR)


How to join?

STEP 1: Sign up via form below to make sure you’re in

STEP 2: Create every day from 1-20 April, 2023

STEP 3: Share your creations daily with me so I can see you’ve done your part


STEP 4 ️🚀 Increase your chances to win the premium 1:1 session! Share your creations in your Stories and tag me – you’ll get an an extra ticket with your name for the giveaway for each day you’ve shared.


Ready? Sign up below!

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