So, you’ve got that business idea in mind for weeks, months or even years … Or a meaningful and close to your Soul project you daydream about. Or an exciting concept for a new book to write. An album to record. A film to shoot. A masterclass or an online program to create. Whatever it is, it feels freaking good to imagine that you actually DID it!

But let me guess now – no matter how good it feels, somehow it still hasn’t come into existence and so it remains being a concept in your mind, your notepad or on your vision board, but it has not made it to the PHYSICAL WORLD for various reasons (feel free to insert yours).

Well, my lovely. Perhaps this is the time to finally go for it and bring your brilliant idea to LIFE!

Make It Happen! Mastermind is a two-month long

ONE-OF-A-KIND program

helping you to get on track to fearlessly TAKE ACTION,

bring your IDEA(S) TO LIFE

and shine your light into this world in YOUR OWN unique way.

Thanks to the Mastermind, You will …

🌟 Get crystal clear on your next steps thanks to weekly mastertopics and supporting and action provoking tasks

🌟 Understand and learn how to address your fears so that they work in your favour

🌟 Be personally guided and supported by me – You will get 30 minutes of 1:1 mentoring every second week

🌟 Draw inspiration from a weekly Q&A live session where I will be answering the questions of the group, helping resolve various challenges and pointing out other important aspects along the way

🌟 Use the wisdom and dynamics of the group to receive valuable feedback and support on your work

🌟 You’ll surf the wave of PRODUCTIVITY and FLOW like a pro (yes, it rhymes)

🌟 Freely create like there’s no tomorrow

🌟 Harvest the rewards of your work much faster than You’d ever think

Sounds amazing? It is. My lovely, this is something You’ve been waiting for. This is the push you’ve been waiting for. The support you’ve needed. The guidance and tools you’ve been lacking. It is finally here.


Why am I so confident that You can do this?

First of all, you wouldn’t be reading this right now, if there was no chance that you CAN. That’s just how the Universe works.

I am 100% sure that these two months of work can transform your life as you know it.

Not only that you can bring that idea to life that you have in mind at the moment, but you will later be able to bring MORE ideas to life much quicker and smoother.

I’ve got the tools. I’ve got the success stories. I’ve got the right guidance for You. You’ve got that amazing idea in mind. You’ve got the talents. You’ve got your unique gifts.

The world now more than ever needs Your Soul to be seen and heard in whatever form it wants to manifest in.

Why Me as Your Mastermind Guide?

My best friend says that my middle name is “productivity”.  I love getting things done indeed! In the past few years, I was able to …

­🌻 Self-record and self-release an album, get my music online and reach over 50K streams worldwide within a couple of months.

🌻 Build a web design and online marketing support business, win extraordinary clients with exceptional projects, practically in no time.

🌻 Co-build an interior design business and get in charge of the design of remarkable interiors in a high-end residence in north London.

🌻 I also wrote a loving support ebook for multipassionists within a month, sold most of my paintings within a month of putting them on offer.

To sum it up – bringing ideas to life successfully is my thing!

My Soul Will Naturally Support You

Just like your Soul has its unique composition, predominant energies and gifts, so does mine. My Soul is a Soul of an empowering teacher.

What my Soul wishes to help Yours most with is MANIFESTATION and realisation.

This means that my Soul will absolutely naturally lead Yours to take action, without any pressure put into the process.

You might actually not even witness it consciously but that’s just how it is, working with me.

The question is, are you ready to allow our Souls to connect in this way and watch Yours shine so powerfully that you might even need a pair of sunglasses? 😀

(No sunglasses at hand? Don’t worry. I’ll help You tackle this one, too.)

You Will Feel Understood – At Last 💕


Another gift of my Soul that You will automatically receive from working with me is Compassion. You will always feel understood, no matter the character of your problem.

Feeling compassion from me will help You untangle the fears and emotional (and energy) blockages that are inside of you in a safe space so that You can resolve them and bring your master project to life (remember, the world needs it now more than ever).

Lovely Words from Lovely Clients


“I’ve been attracted to Daria’s energy since the first moment I read her posts on Instagram. Our work together helped me to stop pushing myself too hard and allow myself to flow freely. Thanks to this, I recovered from chronic physical problem that was coming back all the time and in few days after the healing session, I got an inspiration for a new project – coming from a place of lightness and joy.”

– Adela Skladalova,

Now, this Mastermind is not for everyone so please read carefully the following lines.


This if for you if …

✔️ You are ready to commit and write your own success story
✔️ You are ready to work on your fears, limiting beliefs, wounds and traumas
✔️ You are ready to receive constructive feedback and give it to others
✔️ You are ready to invest at least 30 minutes per day (or 3,5 hours per week) to work on the given tasks.


This is not for you if …

❌ You are not ready to do the work (no one else can do the work for You, my lovely)
❌ You are not ready to work in a small group of motivated, talented, multipassionate people
❌ You don’t believe in energy work and that all is interconnected
❌ You’re happy where You are right now – that’s great news! Keep it up!
❌ You know you really can’t create sufficient time for it

Now the thing with time is … We don’t have or not have time. We create time. Think about the things that You create time for which could be a reason why you would turn down this exceptional opportunity to grow. Do they bring You closer to bringing your idea to life? Do they bring You closer to making Your dreams come true? Do they bring You closer to Your vision of joyful, purposeful and prosperous life in harmony with who you ultimately are?

Exclusive Bonus ✨

Whenever I will feel that You need it, You will receive an energy healing to harmonize your energetic body which will possitively affect the development of your master project.  (max. three occasions for the duration of the mastermind)

Save the Dates! 🕰️

­The doors to the Make It Happen! Mastermind 9-11/2020 closed on August 27th. Watch this space or keep in touch on Instagram for any news on the next one.



Q: How come the idea can be so general? Starting a business or writing a book are two different things …

A: Yes, they are different! But the dynamics and energy of manifesting them is the same. That means this mastermind will give you the right support no matter what idea you wish to bring to life. In addition to that, the other creators in the group with the same intention like You but different master projects and different unique gifts, experiences and opinions will create the most inspiring and fruitful environment you can imagine.

Q: What if I already started bringing that idea to life but got stuck on the way? Is it for me?

A: Absolutely! In this mastermind, you’ll get unstuck and get back on track. Or maybe change your track. Anything is possible so if this resonates, go ahead and schedule a free discovery call with me and let’s see if this is the right step for You to take!

Q: What if I would love to join the mastermind but don’t have a particular idea/concept formulated right now?

A:  If this mastermind resonates with you but you don’t have a formulated idea to bring to life at the moment, schedule a free 15min discovery call with me and let’s have a look at it together. The fact that this resonates with you in this time and space suggests that your Soul might have an idea and you might just need a bit of help to formulate it. Either way, we will see on the discovery call if this is a good direction for You to take or not.

Q: Is there any money guarantee? What if I don’t bring my idea to life?

A: There is no money guarantee. Neither me nor anyone else can guarantee your idea will first see the light of day, apart from You, my dear. In this mastermind, however, you will receive what you need to take action in a powerful and aligned-with-your-Soul manner. The rest is up to You.