Imagine with me now ...

💖 What if you would wake up every day full of energy and beyond excited to start a new day of simply being YOU?

💖 What if you would learn to understand and effectively deal with your ego, fears and past traumas so that they no longer cause you so much unbearable pain?

💖 What if you would live a life in harmony with your divine purpose and be able to manifest your limitless potential in your business, art and life with absolute ease?

Hello Lovely! I’m Daria

And I am here to help you transform the above “What ifs” to “Wow, this is really my life!! 😮”

I was born a highly creative being, an empath with a highly sensitive Soul and – a very loud ego.
 For majority of my life, I was living under the terms of my conditioned mind, believing that my life is worthless. That my art is dull. That I have no real talents and I am simply a waste of life.
It was when I became seriously ill that I was forced to pause and reflect. I then went through an intense journey of getting aligned with my Soul and healing myself, deeply and holistically.
Once I healed my Body, Mind and Soul, I was able to create the most wonderful life I could ever imagine – in total alignment with my Soul. I can now help you with exactly that!
 Are you ready, Gorgeous? 🌟

"Seriously, Daria's intuitive gifts are something else."
[Kelsey Wittman Sz., Modern Intuition Massage]

Let’s Transform the “What ifs” to REALITY


✔️ 2 months of close, deeply transformative, 1:1 cooperation

✔️ 1-hour long deep dive Zoom coaching session every two weeks

✔️ My daily available support on Voxer (in form of recorded or written messages)

✔️ Whenever I will feel that you need it, I will support you with energy healing, too.

✔️ You will be able to grow in a safe and compassionate environment. I’ll always have your back.

Your Investment

­ ­
680 EUR (can be split into instalments)

"If you are thinking about cooperation with Daria, don't hesitate. It will be a rocket start for your idea, business or in case you feel misaligned, getting you back on track."
[Nikola Pilarova, Nikola a zeny]

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Let’s connect with a Free 30 minute Clarity call to see if we’re an energetic match.
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“I’ve been attracted to Daria’s energy since the first moment I read her posts on Instagram. Our work together helped me to stop pushing myself too hard and allow myself to flow freely. Thanks to this, I recovered from chronic physical problem that was coming back all the time and in few days after the healing session, I got an inspiration for a new project – coming from a place of lightness and joy.”

[Adela Skladalova, Intuitive Coach]

“When I first met Daria, I knew she was special. She had a deep knowing and sense of self that only comes from years of careful self and existential study. My treatments where monumental in terms of the deep shifts and guidance back to self & healing. I myself have been exploring different modalities of healing, have come across and explored many healing modalities and can be sure when I say someone is a pillar of their craft and this is so evident for me and my experience. I am so grateful for making the decision to heal myself in this way with Daria.”

[Zia Van Lux, Visual Artist]

Book Your Call Now

Let’s connect with a Free 30 minute Clarity call to see if we’re an energetic match.
You’ll also receive 3 super useful tips to bring more ease into your life right now.  ✨