All paintings are originals made by me, created with love and healing intentions for You.
May they sparkle up the energy of your space in the brightest possible way.

“Recharge” – 70×50 cm, acrylic on canvas⁣

Trees have healing power and so do we. When we place our hand on a tree with a clear and kind intention, we will receive the purest energy and give ours to the tree at the same time. That way, we are recharging each other in mutual prosperity ♥️⁣

May this painting be a reminder of this beautiful synergy, essential for the wellbeing of all that is alive.⁣

155 EUR

“Poppy Meadow” – 80×100 cm, acrylic on canvas⁣
“Poppy Meadow” is a painting full of life. This vibrant painting is extremely charged with creative energy, and so is very effective at healing Svadhisthana (Sacral Chakra) which is the centre of creative and sexual energy, wellness, abundance, pleasure, and joy.

Surrender to the festive energy of the wild poppies, heal your Second Chakra and open yourself to the many wonderful miracles to experience in both your physical and spiritual world. ✨⁣

177 EUR

“Our Universe” – 50×100 cm, acrylic on canvas⁣

A loving, caring, prosperous and adventurous universe of two individuals who share their path through life and let their Souls evolve, side by side, fully supported by the most powerful energy of all – love. ♥️⁣

Created with loving intentions and following the principles of Feng Shui, this painting is suitable for the area of southwest which is associated with Love & Relationship.⁣  ⁣

The painting is framed in a gentle wooden frame and ready to be hanged.

SOLD (a similar mood painting possible)

“Cherry Blossom” 50×50 cm, acrylic on canvas

Cherry trees in blossom are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful spectacles on Earth. This painting captures this wonder in a broader way as if the cherry trees were blossoming somewhere out in space. Put into words, this painting is the fusion of beautiful colours, smells and shapes that I feel when I am near a cherry tree in bloom. ♥️⁣

SOLD (a similar mood painting possible)

“Magic of the Forest” – 50×40 cm, acrylic on canvas⁣

Get warm by the Sunshine coming in through the trees, feel the love and eternal peace of a forest and find it inside yourself, too. ♥️ ⁣

SOLD (a similar mood painting possible)

“Little Birches” – 50×40 cm, acrylic on canvas⁣
Little Birches or rather Берёзки is a painting honouring my Russian ⁣roots. Birch tree is the most respected tree back there. Did you know that in some rural parts of Russia, it is believed to be the place where our souls migrate after we die? ✨⁣

SOLD (a similar mood painting possible)

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