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“This was SO Illuminating!”

“Thank you for all 3 Masterclass days, it was really super value and time!”

“Daria, the Masterclass was simply superb. I really feel empowered to take powerful action to unleash those streams of abundance!!”

This is just some of the feedback I received from the Soul Aligned & Wealthy 3-DAY Masterclass that you now have a limited chance to download for FREE!


💰 What wealth really is, number one reason why we’re not having it and 3 major money repellents repelling your desired money flow

💰 How does Soul alignment have anything to do with Wealth and which are the most effective ways of getting aligned to your Soul

💰 Soul Alignment & Wealth / Marrying those two together with the help of seven most powerful Wealth Generators

And so much more!


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More Words From the Participants

“I attended Daria’s 3-day Soul Aligned & Wealthy Masterclass: the main reason I signed up is that I know her to be an authentic voice, a wise soul, in love with her mission and has the power to both listen and give you wings whenever you are ready to fly.

In addition, in the masterclass, she presented great food for thought, loved the questions and the exercises too. I actually took action around a fear I’ve been too focused on lately and shifted more towards possibilities in my life. Highly recommend working with her if you feel stuck in any area of your life!”

  • Agi, connection & resilience coach

“This masterclass was really great. It is filled with a lot of wisdom and practical things to do. I learned about a lot of new things, and there were a lot of other things I might have known or heard before but needed to hear again. We started by learning about the theory part of it all, and then we learned about how to bring it into reality.

Because of this masterclass, I started several new good habits like journaling, yoga, and more which can be life-changing if you give it a try. I have done so, and it was life-changing for me. This masterclass was just a start for me, but it pointed me in the right direction in alignment with my soul.”

  • Misha Fryč, fine artist