Come enter a new world with me

… a world where everyone would know who they came here to be.

A world where the old era of pushing, pulling and hustling to get results, came to an end.

As it simply wouldn’t be needed anymore …

My dear one, I now invite you to enter such new world with me.

Soul Aligned & Wealthy Mastermind

A 12-week signature group program for coaches, creatives & changemakers designed to help you

⚫⚪ discover your Soul’s unique blueprint

⚫⚪ align to your Highest Purpose

⚫⚪ become magnetic as ever

⚫⚪  fear-lessly take powerful Soul-led action

⚫⚪ attract your Soul Clients with total ease

⚫⚪  and manifest tons of Soul-Aligned Miracles

“Seriously, Daria’s intuitive gifts are something else.”

[Kelsey Wittman Sz.]

3 Core Themes of the Mastermind


1 Purpose & Self-Worth, i.e. Becoming Magnetic

This theme is all about getting crystal clear on your Soul’s Unique Blueprint, your unique gifts and tangible steps on how to USE them in order to live your most authentic Highest Self.

We’ll be creating a super solid background for your further Soul-Aligned creations, for now but also for years and decades to come!

2 Soul-Aligned Clarity

You’ll dive deeper into your Human Design, get clear on your Vision and Mission, on who your Soul Clients are and HOW exactly you want to be serving them, in alignment with who you truly are.

So – not my way, not your best friend’s way, not that Instagram guru’s way, but YOUR WAY.

3 Manifestation & Abundance

As a result of the previous two, it might occure that you’ll be completely naturally taking powerful, smart, aligned steps in order to achieve your wished-for outcomes, to manifest all the money and all the things you desire.

You’ll learn about Manifestation & Money in a completely different way, perhaps for the very first time in your life, as you will create an effective technique completely tailored to YOU and YOUR SOUL’S BLUEPRINT!

“Daria’s mastermind was definitely one of the best investments I’ve done in my life and I wish everyone to be able to experience it.”

[Adela Skladalova,] 

Program Delivery


What’s Included

🙌  12 Weeks of Goodness

🙌  Clarity generating Kick-off Questionnaire

🙌  1:1 Human Design Reading (plus the Replay)

🙌  10 Weekly Group Coaching Calls Via Zoom (plus the Replays)

🙌  10 Mastermind Modules with Lifetime Access

🙌  Group Chat with Unlimited Access to Me and the Group during the 12 weeks – priceless!


🎁  2 x 30 Minute 1:1 Accelaration Calls throughout the duration of the program

🎁  Group Akashic Records Reading

🎁  Access to Clarity Magic & Other Exclusive Resources

Your Investment


Total Value Of the Program:

$ 5591

*But I wholeheartedly want to make this super magical one-of-a-kind program accessible and so*

Your Investment Is Only:

$ 5591    $ 1511 or 3x $ 533 instalments

My Background


Education & Trainings

🌻 BA Hons Adult Education & HR Graduate

🌻 Certified Human Design Reader

🌻 Certified Akashic Records Reader

🌻 2nd level Prananadi Energy Healer

🌻 +3x Successful Soul-Aligned Businesses Established and Counting

🌻 Hundreds of hours spent with both 1:1 and Group Business & Spiritual Coaching

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­”Daria and her beautiful Mastermind helped me to rise back like a Phoenix. She gave me her support, open heart and amazing healing energy. Thanks to Daria I found my inner self again. Thanks to her amazing work I finally moved myself and was able to take another step in my business. She cured my heart and my soul and thanks to her I can again believe in myself. In my power. In my mindset. Thanks to her, I know and repeat to myself now – Why not me? Rise baby, rise ✨ Thanks to her Mastermind I lost something as well – THE FEAR THAT I CAN’T  💖🌟”

[Misa Sticova, @misa.italskysen, Misa quadrupled her investment into the program]

Save the Dates

­The doors to the Soul-Aligned & Wealthy Mastermind are now closed.

Free Clarity Call

Schedule a 30 min free call to confirm this program is suitable for You. You can also ask me any questions you have so that we clarify them before you say YES.

PS: Hurry up! There is only a very limited amount of spots available!