Soulpreneur's Successclub 🌟

The only club you will ever need to have in your back pocket ...

Where Soul meets Business

I’ve searched all over the internet … It wasn’t there.

A club for women entrepreneurs that would effectively combine both the

Energy work & 💰Hands on business support.

So I created one! For you, for them, for us all!

Welcome to Soulpreneur’s Successclub ~ Where Soul Meets Business!  A truly special experience

that offers high-level support & effective holistic tools 🙌🏻
to help your biz grow & prosper 🤩
yet light on your wallet ✓

Sound intriguing? Carry on reading.

Imagine Your Dream Everyday Reality …

You wake up rested & excited for a new day ahead. Knowing you are perfectly on track with your Vision & business goals.

You thrive both in the material and the spiritual world. And as a result of which you are feeling centred, on purpose, delightfully whole & totally relaxed.

Being successful and content on the outside, but on the inside too.

Welcome to the Soulpreneur’s Successclub ~ Where Soul Meets Business!

"Secret key to Success in Entrepreneurship?
– Surrounding Yourself with Aligned Fellow Soulpreneurs"

What do you get as a member of the Successclub? 🌟

🌟Monthly Master Themes to help keep you focus laser sharp

🌟 Part of which is a Monthly Master email that you’ll receive each first day of the month directly in your mailbox. This will help you powerfully prepare for another successful month ahead & properly close the one that has just passed to help recap, summarize & learn

🌟 Insane possibility to grow, connect, get inspired by, network, stay motivated & learn from each other and keep massively expanding thanks to the unique dynamics of a Soul-aligned group with the same goals in mind (and heart) – inside a Soulpreneur only community (!)

🌟 Monthly Q&A and Laser Coaching group calls + Replays

🌟 Monthly Trainings – Access to exclusive trainings (min. 1x month) focused on technical & most valuable for business things + Replays

🌟 Storytelling Wednesdays – Weekly guidance to strengthening your storytelling muscle!

🌟 Complete access to the group & to me via our Telegram Group Chat to ask any questions and receive guidance on absolutely anything!

🌟 Moon Guidance ⋆˖⁺‧₊☽◯☾₊‧⁺˖⋆ – Key dates & Essential practical guidance for success

🌟 Mentoring Corner – a dedicated space to ask me any questions about my biz experience & knowledge that is typically exclusive to my 1:1 clients only (!). I’ll also be sharing things that have worked for me over the years & we can take it much further here together! 🔥Other members are sharing their perspectives too which makes this space (even) more valuable! 🤩

🌟 Weekly check-ins inside a dedicated Telegram Accountability Group

🌟 Intuitive Akashic Records Downloads, Card Pullings and more for the group

🌟 Priority access to new offerings with added bonuses

What do you ALSO get?

🌟  *A Very Special Bonus:

You are not just a number to me as it can often feel in a group format … I care dearly about you having the time of your life inside the Successclub. For every new month that you start in the Successclub, you’ll get a bonus 15mins 1:1 check-in call with me. (value: 36 EUR)

What are the benefits? ✅

Some Benefits You Can Expect from Being a member of the Successclub

✅ Being more focused and enjoying a clear path forward

Increased resilience to challenges (and they do arise in business – I’m sure you know that)

Less time wasted on procrastination, overthinking and staying stuck

✅ A certified, skilled coach & biz mentor in your corner to support you whenever needed

Increased self-confidence (thanks to (also) making the right actions in your biz)

✅ Energetic field where everything is possible inside the most epic biz group – SUCCESS HACK!! This is automatically expanding that what is possible for you!

Staying inspired as a source of inspiration and motivation is always at your fingertips – about what to do, share, talk about

Feeling more relaxed, seen, understood inside a loving, encouraging, empowering, entrepreneurial space

It’s not an over-exaggeration to say that our environment has a HUGE impact on us. It really does.

The best thing you can possibly do is to make sure you are in an environment which supports you to thrive. In other words, that the people that you choose to interact with & learn from are vibrating on these expansive & loving frequencies.

Is there any money guarantee?

There is no money guarantee for the Soulpreneur’s Successclub membership as a considerable amount of my time, care, invaluable know-how & energy will be put into creating this unique experience for you.

The methods I will introduce to you are proven & tested, yet I am not responsible for any results that you will have with the program. Your satisfaction is however a priority for me so please reach out to me directly should you not be happy with the program at any time.

Connection ✅
Accountability ✅
Successful Goals ✅

“The amazing thing about Daria is that instead of just telling you the next strategy or this is how you should do it, she leads you back to yourself. She is empowering you in every way to take responsibility for your life and to look for the answers within.”

[Petra Botekova, Business Coach for Women]  


My best friend says that my middle name is “productivity”.  I love getting things done indeed! In the past few years – with the help of the very same concepts that I will gladly introduce to you – I have been able to …

🌻 Set up my coaching business from the ground up, getting fully booked up in less than a year & work with incredible clients all around the globe.

🌻 Self-record and self-release an album, get my music online and reach over 50K streams worldwide within a couple of months.

🌻 Build a web design and online marketing support business, win extraordinary clients with exceptional projects, practically in no time.

🌻 Co-build an interior design business and get in charge of the design of remarkable interiors in a high-end residence in north London.

🌻 I also wrote an ebook for multipassionists within a month, sold most of my paintings within a month of putting them on offer.

To sum it up – bringing ideas to life successfully is my thing!

You Will Feel Supported & Understood

Just like your Soul has its unique composition, predominant energies and gifts, so does mine. My Soul is a Soul of an empowering teacher.

What my Soul wishes to help Yours most with is MANIFESTATION and realisation.

This means that my Soul will absolutely naturally lead Yours to take action, without any pressure put into the process.

You might actually not even witness it consciously but that’s just how it is, working with me.

Another gift of my Soul that You will automatically receive from working with me is Compassion. You will always feel understood, even (and perhaps especially) when I will be guiding you back to you personal leadership (and at times lovingly kicking your butt :))

My Background


Education & Trainings

🌻 BA Adult Education & HR Graduate

🌻 Certified ICF Accredited Coach

🌻 Certified Human Design Reader

🌻 Certified Akashic Records Reader

🌻 2nd level Prananadi Energy Healer

🌻 +3x Successful Soul-Aligned Businesses Established and Counting

🌻 Hundreds of hours spent with both 1:1 and group Business, Life & Spiritual Coaching

“You’re simply the best business guru! With you, there are no thousands of techniques or overload of information. With you there’s only ease, simplicity and things are somehow happening on their own!”

[Adela, Spiritual Business Coaching client]  

­Your Investment

€44 EUR / 1111 Kč per month*

(Min. Value: €500 EUR / 13 000 Kč per month)

We hope you stay with us forever but you can unsubscribe anytime! 💓

Or …


Save up & get 3x months for FREE by 1x yearly payment 💰

Your Investment: €396 EUR / 9999 Kč per year

(Min. Value: €6000 EUR / 156 000 Kč per year)

*What else could you get for this amount?
Monthly subscriptions for various streaming services or energy bills …
A nice sushi dinner for one …
But which of these are going to actually help you grow your on all levels successfully, purposefully & sustainably?


“Seriously, Daria’s intuitive gifts are something else.”
[Kelsey Wittman Sz.]