What some of the brilliant Souls I’ve had the honour to work with said about working together 💞

“You’re simply the best business guru! With you, there are no thousands of techniques or overload of information. With you there’s only ease, simplicity and things are somehow happening on their own!”

[Adela, Entrepreneur, Czechia] 


“Prior to joining Daria’s 1:1 coaching program, I was feeling stuck at my business. Free sales calls felt like a struggle, I wasn’t really growing or changing the way that I was working with clients and my prices didn’t feel aligned for a while.

Shortly upon entering the program, I raised my prices, set up a different way of how I screen and schedule free calls with new potential clients and I was able to sign new clients at my new rates and new system in place almost immediately.

What attracted me to work with Daria was also the spiritual side as I feel like my business is non-traditional and a lot of the standard programs, coaches and recommendations simply don’t work for me. I really appreciated how Daria incorporates different aspects of intuitive work into the program – her offering is truly unique!

What’s possible for me now that wasn’t possible before? I feel like I have the confidence to do anything in my business now. I can listen to my Soul’s guidance and try new things, work with clients in different ways that are aligned with my energy.

It also really helped my money mindset, my relationship with money and energy exchange as I feel much more at ease with asking and charging what I think my services are worth. That was a big piece for me.

What I find very unique to Daria is also that she’d take away the overwhelm of these changes. In the past I’d easily get overwhelmed but Daria helped create very achievable steps to get there and even made it fun!”

– Rachel, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Las Vegas, USA

“I came to a point in my business where I felt that I wanted to go deeper, explore how to use intuition more in my business & my life and also enhance the spiritual side to my business. This was perfect because I knew Daria was combining spirituality & business.”

“Daria was amazing in a sense that she really understood how I needed to proceed & how I needed to be coached. I am not the easiest one to coach, so it was amazing to have someone that I could fully trust and confide in.”

“The amazing thing about her is that instead of just telling you the next strategy or this is how you should do it, she leads you back to yourself. She is empowering you in every way to take responsibility for your life and to look for the answers within.

And I think that’s very special because most of the time people around me or some other business coaches before were more like: “Okay, this is how you do it. This is how you’re going to be successful” and this is exactly what Daria was showing me that it’s not the only way and I could see some amazing results.

I could see increase in my clients, in my revenue, in the ease in my business. In just me enjoying my business much more, just being in tune, being fully authentic.

If you have any questions, please reach out to me, I would love to give you some more feedback or answer any question if you’re hesitating. And again, I love Daria, thank you so much for being with me, for guiding me on this journey!”

– Petra Botekova, Business Coach for Women

“I’ve been in a stage of “rebirth” for a while, looking for a new direction in my professional life in which I’d be able to work on my own and be fully satisfied with what I am doing. In other words, to be aligned with my soul.

I was looking for someone who could guide me and help me “open” my eyes to see the path more clearly and feel more self-confident. That’s when Daria’s soul-alignment program seriously appealed to me.

As a result of the 1:1 program, I doubled the growth of on-line orders and doubled the monthly turnover, realised that I really found my dream client (and understood who my real dream client is), got more confidence and reinsurance in what am I doing now.

Also, more clarity and a bit of inner transformation. Still have some old habits but more often I try to do things in a different way and work with them more consciously.

Honestly – first I was a little bit curious about the experience with such a “young” coach. But I was surprised, because it was more about the energy between us.

Daria was able to transmit a very pleasant, calm and grounding energy to me. She asks the right questions. She can immediately show the other side of the same coin. She is the real Guide!”

– Kristyna Kaskounova, Creative Entrepreneur, Czechia

“I have learnt so much from our process with Daria, a lot about creating the foundation & processes for my coaching business and I have also signed 2 new clients while working together. She has also helped me to connect more to my intuition and to my spiritual side, which I wasn’t really allowing myself previously. I have experienced that intentions do work too:)

I really enjoyed how she is using multiple methods in her coaching process. She has also given me a Human Design reading and an Akashic Records reading, which were both extremely liberating, encouraging and a real experience in itself.

She was always there for me to support, listen to and answer my messages even between our sessions, which felt very reassuring. I think my biggest takeaway is to take action, move on if something doesn’t feel right and do the things which makes me feel elevated (yes, we all know this, but embodying it is a whole new level).

She is very kind, caring, supportive, professional, helps you to take action in an encouraging way, sees your biggest potential in you and she is also super fun to work with.”


– Nora, Coach

“Seriously, Daria’s intuitive gifts are something else.”

[Kelsey Wittman Sz.]


“The time after Mastermind with Daria was and is incomparably the most fruitful period of my life. I finished and published my first novel, I continue to paint, while three of my paintings have already found their owners – and I started an online course – or rather a non-course – in creative writing, where I convey an intuitive approach to to literary creation. But the most valuable thing was the feeling of happiness and fulfilment that my rediscovered creativity brought me, which was positively reflected in my relationships as well. So positively, that it resulted in welcoming twins:-) Just a fruitful period in all directions:-) Daria’s Mastermind was key for me to push myself from “I want to create, but I don’t know what” to “I create”. Now after two years, I can say that the decision to enter was not only one of the best for 2020, but in My Life.”

– Julie Borlova, author, artist, creative entrepreneur, Czechia

“My intuition led me to the Mastermind and I am so glad I listened to that inner voice!

Prior to the program, I used to have this feeling of “I don’t have enough time, I can’t keep up …”. This was magically resolved in the Mastermind. The program also helped me on many other levels. I have changed my perspective on seeing certain things, especially the “bad” ones. I have improved my relationship with money and abundance. I can say “NO” when it is necessary and I choose wisely where to put my energy.

My life is now going in the right direction. I signed a new dreamiest client I am currently working with. I am doing what I love, enjoying life more, and most importantly, I feel closer to my Purpose in this life.

Daria is an exceptional person. She is like a wise guide, an angel, gently revealing what is hidden from me/you and showing you different possibilities. I feel so safe, taken care of and encouraged in her company. But you need to experience it, which I highly recommend to every sensitive soul, I cannot describe those amazing feelings in words. I thank the whole Universe that our paths have crossed!”

– Hana Kodrova, Architect, Czechia

“I’ve started a new online business just a few months ago and even though I love what I do, I was not sure if I actually have what it takes to succeed a I was worrying about money all the time. These two amazing months helped me to discover my uniqueness and my confidence in what I do. During this time I’ve created and released two new products, I’ve decided to change my prices and to confidently stand for them.

One of the biggest things I’ve learned was to reconnect with my intuition, my inner child and her pure joy. So whenever I was creating something during the mastermind, there was ease as if the creativity was just flowing through me. No pressure, no difficult thinking.

Daria is incredibly supportive and during the 1:1 mentoring she always asks the right questions and says exactly the words you need to hear to move forward on your journey. Even our weekly group mentoring was aways full of “aha moments” and inspiring energy. Daria’s mastermind was definitely one of the best investments I’ve done in my life and I wish everyone to be able to experience it.”

– Adela Skladalova, Social media content coach, Czechia

“Daria’s mastermind was definitely one of the best investments I’ve done in my life and I wish everyone to be able to experience it.”

[Adela Skladalova, Content Mentor & Creative Entrepreneur, Czechia]

­”Daria and her beautiful Mastermind helped me to rise back like a Phoenix. She gave me her support, open heart and amazing healing energy. Thanks to Daria I found my inner self again. Thanks to her amazing work I finally was finally able to take another step in my business. She cured my heart and my soul and thanks to her I can again believe in myself. In my power. In my mindset. Thanks to her, I know and repeat to myself now – Why not me? Rise baby, rise ✨ Thanks to her Mastermind I lost something as well – THE FEAR THAT I CAN’T  💖🌟”

[Misa Sticova, Food Blogger & Entrepreneur, Italy]


“At the very first, I wasn’t sure what to expect from the Akashic records reading or how much it could impact me. Being at Daria’s experienced hands though, she has guided me into a world that was strangely familiar and that for a long time after, gave me a sense of clarity and peace.

The whole day after the reading I was joyful and happy, and whenever there was something pressing me in the future, I tapped into the memory and regained my balance. An experience of an immense spiritual power and value.”

– Alice Antoninova, designer, writer & visual artist

“I felt drawn to Daria from before I even met her. I booked an Akashic Reading with her sight unseen. I found Daria’s energy in person to be warm, inviting and she provided me with a safe container where I was able to ask questions that I had been keeping close to my heart. The session in and of itself was a wondrous and magical experience. It was also a very pragmatic experience, where I was given tools to move forward, break through obstacles and release some fears that were holding me back. I have refound the confidence, motivation and drive to keep movisng forward with my business! Thank you Daria!!!

– Lily P., USA


“I was a bit skeptical before a Human Design reading. Like, what is that going to bring me? I have seen this chart and did once a test online like what is that really going to tell me? But she talked about it and I got really curious!”

“I loved Daria‘s gentle approach, her wisdom & how she could pull in so many different things in the reading. She’s really well attuned with the field & not only describes what she sees in the chart but really feels into it, feels into me & as if she’s more connected & can do the reading from there & all the information and her guiding system helps her to make a beautiful reading.“

“She also beautifully gave some tips of how to deal with certain parts in life, how to make things easier and how to connect more to my energy and so life flows easier, right?

“What Daria does beautifully is connecting the dots and make it a bigger story to see how we can really make use out of it”

“An hour felt like ten minutes”

“Try it out. It’s precious!”

– Alice Roorda, Quantum Energy Psychologist

“I want to thank you so much for the reading and for introducing Human Design to me.

Those two hours changed my life. Everything you said was falling into its place so perfectly, including many things I’ve always subconsciously felt but wasn’t certain about.

Now I am certain and what I’ve learnt gave me not only a reassurance that everything is okay but also lots of strength. As if I got a pair of wings, I feel like I can do anything!”

– Pavla Fendrichova, voice teacher, choirmaster & singer

“The reading was literally life-changing for me. Nothing in my life opened my eyes this much and described me so perfectly. It was as if something got released inside of me and I could breathe again. I wanted to thank you one again from the bottom of my heart. You’ve opened something in me that started something big.”

– Katerina Lelkova, Manifesting Generator 5/1

“Daria has a lovely voice that one could listen to over and over again, especially when she talks about the information and the potential that is encoded in your Human Design. Imagine a voice that tells you about all the incredible things you can achieve when you learn to live by your design. It’s great that you will also have recordings from it that you can then re-watch round and round.

The top 3 things I got out of the reading? I no longer need to doubt myself. As if everything found its place after the reading. I’ve uncovered a lot of things in me that I got answers for thanks to Human Design. My HD also gave me confidence in my work. As if I got a map and the rest of the trip is up to me. I learnt what strengths I could pass on right now and that there is no need to wait until everything is perfect, because it is already.

I recommend reading from Daria to everyone who wants to get to know themselves better and better understand their strengths and advantages. Then it’s only up to you whether you will believe in what Human Design has to offer or not.”

Petra Ziková, Career Change Coach, Czech Republic

“If you are thinking about cooperation with Daria, don’t hesitate. It will be a rocket start for your idea, business or in case you feel misaligned, getting you back on track.”

[Nikola Pilarova, Nikola a zeny]