What if I told you that just as motivating it can be to set our intentions for the new year ahead, it can rapidly lose its charm and even become a source of frustration for us as …

a) Life happens …

b) We don’t follow through …

c) Lose motivation …

d) Get distracted …

e) Our path changes and we don’t adjust the original intentions to it …

f) We lack the right environment and miss the support of like-oriented inspiring Souls …

g) Or all the above combined which naturally leaves us in a real pickle 😱

Well, for these exact (and many other reasons) I’ve decided to create and now invite you to this very special year-in-the-life experience:

offering much impact 🙌🏻
yet light on your wallet ✓

Sound intriguing? Carry on reading.


How it works // What's on offer?

1) Trust & Thrive is an exclusive year-long experience with me as your coach

2) Happening inside a super inspiring group of other success-oriented Souls (just like yourself)

3) Magic taking place inside the 3x LIVE laser group online coaching sessions (+ replays), strategically timed at different times to keep you accountable & supported throughout the year

4) My check-ins in form of an encouraging, inspiring & food-for-thought giving email landing in your mailbox each month

5) Membership in a dedicated Slack group for the participants of the program only. A place to share, connect with the others, hype each other, network, co-create & plug into any time.

✨✨ +SUPER SECRET BONUS: Will be revealed to you in July, 2024 ✨✨

What do you ALSO get?

Access to my signature step-by-step video pathway to:

🙌🏻 Concluding 2023 feeling super satisfied and inspired

🙌🏻 Entering 2024 excited, relaxed & knowing what to focus on

That guess what! You can use again in the following year … and the one after that … and the one after. A gift that keeps giving.

Why "Trust and Thrive"?

The words “Trust & Thrive” are used intentionally as they represent the main essence of this unique program & its true power. You will learn about the main energetic charge & the path of least resistance for succeeding in 2024 with joy & ease.

All essentials will be explained in the Step-by-step Signature Pathway video-guide that you will get access as soon as it’s finished!

Psst! But I can already give you a little taster. The topic of this year will be YOU & you doubling down on the trust in yourself. US/THEY as rising with you and the DIVINE (Universe/God/Source), having your back.

Is there any money guarantee?

There is no money guarantee for the Trust & Thrive year-long experience as a considerable amount of my time, care, invaluable know-how & energy will be put into creating this unique experience for you.

The methods I will introduce to you are proven & tested, yet I am not responsible for any results that you will have with the program. Your satisfaction is however a priority for me so please reach out to me directly should you not be happy with the program at any time.

“The amazing thing about Daria is that instead of just telling you the next strategy or this is how you should do it, she leads you back to yourself. She is empowering you in every way to take responsibility for your life and to look for the answers within.”

[Petra Botekova, Business Coach for Women]  


My best friend says that my middle name is “productivity”.  I love getting things done indeed! In the past few years – with the help of the very same concepts that I will introduce to you – I was able to …

🌻 Set up my coaching business from the ground up, getting fully booked up in less than a year & work with incredible clients all around the globe.

🌻 Self-record and self-release an album, get my music online and reach over 50K streams worldwide within a couple of months.

🌻 Build a web design and online marketing support business, win extraordinary clients with exceptional projects, practically in no time.

🌻 Co-build an interior design business and get in charge of the design of remarkable interiors in a high-end residence in north London.

🌻 I also wrote an ebook for multipassionists within a month, sold most of my paintings within a month of putting them on offer.

To sum it up – bringing ideas to life successfully is my thing!

You Will Feel Supported & Understood

Just like your Soul has its unique composition, predominant energies and gifts, so does mine. My Soul is a Soul of an empowering teacher.

What my Soul wishes to help Yours most with is MANIFESTATION and realisation.

This means that my Soul will absolutely naturally lead Yours to take action, without any pressure put into the process.

You might actually not even witness it consciously but that’s just how it is, working with me.

Another gift of my Soul that You will automatically receive from working with me is Compassion. You will always feel understood, even (and perhaps especially) when I will be guiding you back to you personal leadership (and at times lovingly kicking your butt :))

“You’re simply the best business guru! With you, there are no thousands of techniques or overload of information. With you there’s only ease, simplicity and things are somehow happening on their own!”

[Adela, Spiritual Business Coaching client]  

“At the start of 2023, I couldn’t resist joining Daria’s one-year support program Trust & Thrive. I usually only thrive in certain situations, but I have learned not to trust too much. So I wanted to try a new approach, and this was a chance. We honored the previous year – paused upon what we have achieved, and learned from what we have not reached. Then I carefully followed Daria’s simple guidelines about fully admitting and setting up our own intentions for the next year and kind of forgot about it. I was astonished when I opened my notes in June and saw how many I had already reached. My wish to trust this process grew even more. I am writing this in October, and I am realizing how many more days there still are to focus and thrive, and yes, finally also trust that things can change the best way even in one day. It was a simple journey of this magic combination of TRUST and THRIVE.”

[Zuzana, Trust & Thrive 2023 participant]

I am ready for Your year of magic. Are you?

Darling, the Trust & Thrive 2024 program was thoughtfully designed to give you the best of my best because that is what YOU DESERVE and not any less than that (!).

Do you want to just drift through 2024 or do you want to co-create your success in this year

✓ intentionally
✓ inside an inspiring success-oriented group of creative Souls
✓ with me in your corner?

The choice is always yours.

If you have any questions, simply drop me an email or message at my IG @dariamolnar

Total Value of the Experience
­€490 / 11 900 Kč (at least!)

Only €164 / 3 997 Kč

*What else could you get for this amount?
Monthly subscriptions for various streaming services or energy bills …
2x trips to a hairdresser or 2x nice sushi dinners …
But which of these are going to actually help you make 2024 your most aligned, impactful, purposeful year?



“Seriously, Daria’s intuitive gifts are something else.”
[Kelsey Wittman Sz.]