Q: What are Wealth Codes?

Wealth Codes are 3 keys (3x unique combinations of words) that are accessible in your *Akashic Records.

* if you don’t know what Akasha is, you can picture it as a giant universal library of ALL the information there is about the present, the past and probable future.

The Wealth Codes are your personal super-tools to unlock your ways to receive boundless streams of abundance.

Q: How does it work?

The Wealth Codes is a 1:1 thoroughly activating experience which requires your expecations to be set aside.

What you can look forward to however is at least 45 mins. of immersing into & channelling your Akashic Records, plus 30 mins. of remote energetic healing helping you integrate them.

Your Wealth Codes get activated by:

1) Discovering & identifying your unique Wealth Codes
2) Understanding them so that you can integrate them
3) Applying them in your actions

Q: Does everyone have them?

Yes, everyone has 3x unique Wealth Codes.

However, their strength & intensity might change overtime and some of your Codes might be replaced in the future with different ones, depending on you completing your specific karmic tasks.

What is certain is that they are 100% valid and extremely powerful for the time being of the reading & months after the reading, too.

Q: How did you learn about them?

A few months ago, I accessed this information in my own records when going through a deep transformation & seeking answers to fulfil my purpose to my community.

I was then guided to unlock my own Wealth Codes and in a couple days, I received a totally unexpected & unplanned $1500 by simply applying one my Codes.

Right after that, I began consulting with Spirit for a considerable period of time whether I should proceed & kick it off to public or not.

And here we go – the time has finally come and so I can now share this wisdom with you!

Q: Is there any money guarantee?

There is no money guarantee for the Wealth Codes activation as a considerable amount of my time, invaluable know-how & energy will be put into creating this unique personalised experience for you.

I am not responsible for any results that you will have (or will not have) with your Codes. If you receive millions with their help, which is by the way absolutely possible, I’ll be extremely happy for you but that’s all on you. If you receive 0$, I know you can turn it into millions, but it’s still on you. You’ve got this & this is YOUR Wealth journey.

“Seriously, Daria’s intuitive gifts are something else.”
[Kelsey Wittman Sz.]

Gold that Arose from the Ashes

It was early into 2022, when I was looking back to my 7+ years in entrepreneurship in various business activities.

I’d experienced the natural cyclicality and seasonality of business over those years. I’d experienced great wins & successes just as I’d experienced great depths and times of upgrades & transformation. But no matter what, money was always flowing.

It was early into 2022, when I realised that money stopped flowing. All the business experience & skills that I’ve gained in those years … all the wealth consciousness & money wounds inner work that I’ve been mastering for a decade … all the amazing & effective energy techniques that I’ve been applying & teaching and were working wonders to my clients at the very same time …

Nothing worked & I was sinking deeper and deeper into losing hope.

That is when Wealth Codes came knocking on my door, wondering if I was going to answer the call.

I first discovered my own Codes in my Akashic Records and was stunned. It felt like I found a missing piece of the puzzle, yet I was reluctant at first. Having had nothing to lose though, I decided to start applying it in my actions, no matter how uncomfortable it felt at first.

In a couple days, I received a totally unexpected & unplanned $1500 by simply applying one my Codes & the amount has been growing exponentially. If I was stunned by only discovering my Wealth Codes, can you imagine how stunned I was to be witnessing their effect & power?

It works. I felt it strongly and was even supported with evidence.

I knew this work was to be shared with others too because of its potency, simplicity & efficiency. I knew I had all it takes to successfully deliver this work onto you. But I needed more time to integrate & consult with Spirit.

And so, I meditated, contemplated, energetically recalibrated, …

I answered the call. Will you?

As I know that you are a fellow Visionary (otherwise you wouldn’t have ended up on this page), let me ask you this. What’s the change that you want to see in the world? And what’s your part in it?

If you’re curious about mine, here is a fragment of it. My vision is a world of conscious multi-dimensional humans who are constantly expanding the level of what is possible for them – in terms of limitless wealth, purposeful self-realisation, connection and happiness, through empowered self-led leadership & the use of their own resourcefulness (a.k.a. your intuition).

I strongly believe in a world thriving on the actions of conscious heart-led leaders who wisely co-decide how money is being re-distributed in the system because I find the current setting unsatisfactory & far from ideal.

“You’re simply the best business guru! With you, there are no thousands of techniques or overload of information. With you there’s only ease, simplicity and things are somehow happening on their own!”

[Adela, Spiritual Business Coaching client]  

Claim your access to limitless Wealth

I KNOW that limitless Wealth is accessible to everyone and I know it is accessible for YOU too – not just in terms of money, I am talking about true limitless from-inside-out Wealth.

The Wealth Codes activation is how we are bringing my Vision to life, together.

For you. For me. For all of us.

You being equipped with infinite power to create miracles is not a question. It’s just the matter of When?

Now imagine we collapse time together & amplify your power & access to limitless Wealth by activating your Wealth Codes.

Are you starting to feel like the sky is your limit? Because it truly is.

You all buckled up, darling? I cannot wait to fly with you.

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Let’s Activate those boundless streams of Abundance!


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