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A unique program designed to help you master your ability to manifest immense amounts of wealth

✨ At least 4x 60min. Modules – 4x LIVE Trainings + Q&As (value: €888)

✨ Telegram group support with direct access to me for the 4 weeks (value: €333)

•  Plus BONUS: “Heart-led Wealth Activation” guided meditation (value: €44)

•  Plus BONUS 2: Laser 1:1 coaching session with Daria (value: €197)

•  Plus BONUS 3: Wealthy Fire Initiation activating New Moon circle (value: €100)*

*only for those who sign up until 19th April, 8PM CET

MODULE OUTLINES [click the icon to unwrap]*

1 Getting your MIND onboard: Mindset Mastery for Wealth

Sharing my honest Money journey coming from a deeply rooted lack-oriented family, as a creative entrepreneur of 8+ years & my key moments leading from endless money struggles to Wealth.

Why is setting your Mind for Wealth crucial, how to do that & keep doing that on a daily basis (I’ll give you all my favourite abundance hacks on a silver plate :).

PS: It IS totally doable!!

2 Success-oriented Strategy, responsibility, LEADERSHIP

“Without a strategy, execution is aimless. Without execution, a strategy is useless.” – Morris Chang

Creative Wealth – its main components, on multiple streams of income & setting a strategy that works for you.

How no or loose boundaries manifest in your wealth situation & how to change that (’cause you can in an instant! )

Taking personal ownership & leading yourself successfully through the “dry” periods of not experiencing much flowing abundance (and celebrating immense success shortly after)

What personal leadership in money life looks like – key essentials, tips and super practical advice I wish I’d have years ago.

3 Using Your ENERGY as your personal money magnet

Did you know you have a personal money magnet in your back pocket?

Well, are you fully using it?

I’m sure you’ve heard this before: Your energy is everything when it comes to wealth manifestation.

But WHY exactly does it matter, how does it work, understanding Sacred Exchanges & creating excellent paths of least resistance is the magic that is waiting for you in this module.

4 ALIGNED ACTION to manifest abundance on demand

What actions attract vs. what repel money & what to practically do about it.

How to get clear on what Aligned Action in your case is & how to keep taking it.

On giving & receiving, lengthening the time horizon & what can support you in creating abundance NOW & in the long run.

*exact module format is subject to change to fit the needs of the group that will be created

My Personal Vision

As I know that you are a fellow creative Visionary (otherwise you wouldn’t have ended up on this page), let me ask you this. What’s the change that you want to see in the world? And what’s your part in it?

If you’re curious about mine, here is a fragment of it. My vision is a world of conscious multi-dimensional humans who are constantly expanding the level of what is possible for them – in terms of creation, limitless wealth, purposeful self-realisation, connection and happiness, through empowered self-led leadership & the use of their own resourcefulness (a.k.a. your intuition).

I strongly believe in a world thriving on the actions of conscious heart-led leaders who wisely co-decide how money is being re-distributed in the system because honestly, I find the current setting unsatisfactory & far from ideal.

“Wow, I’ve just done some calculations and this month has been my absolute highest month in business ever. I am so grateful for you and the work we do together.” – Ivana

“Your work is priceless. Your guidance, your support, you’re not just a business coach. You’re a coach of all the aspects of one’s life.” – Adela

Claim your access to limitless Wealth

My darling, I KNOW that limitless Wealth is accessible to everyone and I know it is accessible for YOU too – not just in terms of money, I am talking about true limitless from-inside-out Wealth.

I say it’s your birth right to access it, at any time.
I say you’re meant to receive infinite joy & abundance 💰 flowing to you through its many Sacred paths.

Let’s revolutionize your approach to wealth together.

For you. For me. For all of us.

Are you starting to feel like the sky is your limit? Because it truly is.

Program Guarantee 🤝🏻

You either make and/or receive the invested amount of abundance following the teachings of the program, or I give you your money back.

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