#withConfidence Challenge 🌟

10-day Challenge to Activate & Strengthen Your Self-Confidence!

(🤫 Psst! The stars couldn’t be any more aligned as we all are about to rise from the deep waters of the intuitive Scorpio to the fearless, ever-expanding, naturally confident Sagittarius! ✨)

“So what’s the challenge, Daria?” – I hear you say …


The challenge is really quite simple!

Just follow the daily confidence mastery prompts for 10 straight days (from November 20-30) & report it back to me 🙂

(hello free accountability from a professional coach!)

What can this challenge help you with?

My darling, I’m convinced that not even I can fully describe all the positive effects that this challenge can have for you! But let’s give it a go & pick a few 🙂

Some examples of what the challenge can help you effectively boost!

­🌟 Inviting others to your offerings & marketing
🌟 Confident Sales processes
🌟 Assertiveness in your business or personal life
🌟 Networking with ease
🌟 Setting (healthy) boundaries
🌟 Navigating Difficult Conversations
🌟 Creative Expression
🌟 Leadership Presence

And sooo much more!

✅ 😮 Oh, and have I mentioned that one of the active participants will win a private coaching session with me in a giveaway at the end of the challenge?!! (normally worth 197 EUR)

How to join?

STEP 1: Sign up via form below to make sure you’re in

STEP 2: On Monday 20th of November, your 10-day Confidence-full journey with me (and the other participants who are joining) will start and it will end on the 30th of November

STEP 3: From 20th of November, you will be receiving your daily master prompts directly in your mailbox! 💌

STEP 4: Daily share with me a proof of that you followed the given master prompt so that you can be eligible for the exciting giveaway that is just around the corner! 🔥


STEP 5: 🚀 Increase your chances to win the premium 1:1 session! Share your prompt-followings in your Stories and tag me – you’ll get an an extra ticket with your name for the giveaway for each day you’ve shared.

Ready to take your beautiful self on this empowering, magical & inside-out Confidence ride? Well then, come on in!! 🤗✨