Hello, lovely! I assume you would you like to find out a bit more about me? Well, make yourself cosy and let’s dive into it!

Who is Daria?

For those who seek a quick summary:

I am a multidisciplinary artist, healer and Soul Alignment coach.


[ … also a mother to a beautiful little girl,
wife to an amazing husband,
almond butter binger (oh boy, I could eat an entire jar at once),
soul of Czech-Russian origins currently residing in Budapest, Hungary. ]

My passions combined with my natural ability to read the gifts in other people’s souls and direct them in the right way to use them has put me on the so far most exciting journey.

A journey of guiding my fellow highly creative women towards uncovering their True Self, manifesting their highest potential in everyday life so that they too can live the life of their dreams.

I am living a life of a deep purpose, lovingly serving others, freely creating my art, prospering in all areas of my life, in other words, I am living a life I genuinely love living!


But it hasn’t always been that way …

“Who are you?”

There used to be times when the question “Who are you?” was extremely difficult for me to answer – to others, but even more to myself. To be completely honest with you, I hated this question because it would always remind me of the painful fact that I didn’t know. Who I was, why I was and whether it all made any sense at all.

Jane of All Trades, Master of None

­ ­
From an early age, I’ve been a creative soul. Prior to learning to read and write, I fell in love with the piano. I would spend countless hours in its company, composing melancholic melodies. Little did I know that what I was actually doing was music therapy, which was helping me cope with the challenges around.

I used to sing non-stop. I also enjoyed DIYing, painting and writing. I loved the freedom and the wide range of activities, but THE question was appearing in its growing significance: what can I do with this all?


“Choose one thing”, I am told

Indirectly, yet strongly enough to paralyze me.

I felt that it was against my nature, but the feeling of “I’m not good enough” blocked me so much that I completely suppressed the creative core of my soul.

To everyone’s surprise, including myself, I end up graduating from HR and Adult Education. Being further confused with my career and having the belief that I have no artistic talents, I start working in online marketing. I try various positions in various environments, from start-ups to big corporations, to understand that THIS IS NOT MY WAY.


But WHAT is my way? And WHO am I?

The soul silently replies, “An artist.”

The ego and the injured inner child promptly argues, though, “You, an artist? Really? You’re not crazy enough, talented enough, and besides, if you were a real artist, you would have studied something completely different… ”

The existential crisis continues and an autoimmune disease gets in my way, which numbs two thirds of my body. Paralyzed, in shock and with the incredible fear that has settled in every cell of my body, I realize what is the illness a messenger of:

“You simply can’t go on like this. The answer to the question “Who are you?” is inside of you – seek it there.”

And so I started looking for it. I started working on myself with great determination. After all, it was about my health and I wanted to be healthy again!

I’m learning to love myself. I read all the books written about self-healing. I process childhood traumas, with a therapist and with the help of myself. I’m starting to play more and discover what makes me happy and comes from my heart. I record my first solo piano album. I return to painting (healing) paintings. I accept that I am an artist and I do not need the confirmation of anyone else anymore. I feel it with my whole body.


Acceptance of my Calling


Once I put my life and health in never-before-seen order, a new urge from within comes. My soul wants to help others Shine. I listen to it and start guiding my clients through therapeutic musical improvisations, during which we safely release their unknown traumas from the past and free them forever.

I begin deeper study of something which has always come naturally to me – working with energies – and become an energy healer supported by psychotherapy education I undergo. Healing comes with such an ease to me and the Universe only sends me sensitive creative souls for healing, and I soon understand that these are exactly the people my soul can truly help.

Soon after, I find a way to combine all of these passions in the most enjoyable way and in complete harmony with my soul. And the result of which is you reading these lines on this page, my darling! But now the question is …


Are you ready to become one of the phenomenal clients I have had the chance to work with, take conscious responsibility for your life and start living your dreams?

You ARE ready if …

You feel it’s TIME.
Time to start living a fulfilled life in perfect harmony with WHOM you have always been.

You are ready to WORK on yourself and take the necessary next steps in your life.

You sense that there is MUCH MORE in You than they’ve told you.

You know that YOU CAN MAKE GREAT MONEY by doing what you really enjoy doing.

You know that you DESERVE to live a life in complete health, in truth to yourself, and fulfilled in ALL areas of your life.

All this knowledge is already inside YOU.

I will lovingly help you decode it so that you not only sense it, but KNOW it, spread your wings and FLY!

Ready to do this?

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