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I’m Daria – Holistic Business & Soul Coach


When I was a child, I often felt like I was too grown-up for my peers as I’d struggle to find a common ground with them. “You’re an old Soul” – I was told once and since then referred to many times.

As time went by, I learnt to communicate with my Soul directly through Creating and channelling divine wisdom. Endless piano improvisations, singing, painting, writing songs and fairy tales, became my sanctuary – and a natural state of being.

Growing Up


Growing up, my number one priority was discovering my Purpose.

I could play the piano very well. I could speak four different languages fluently. I was good at maths and self-taught myself to code websites at the age of 16. But I never felt good enough at anything I did and would keep falling into depression and self-loathing over and over.

In my teens, I often felt lonely. Misunderstood. Not heard. Not seen. An invisible girl nobody cared about. In addition, being an empath and not knowing I was one, made it often difficult for me to keep my boundaries and not give all my energy to others.

This all was gradually growing inside of me on the side of me living a seemingly successful life.


Seemingly Successful Life


I finished a prestigious highly competitive university degree, got exciting start-up jobs followed by corporate ones and became a highly valued employee in all of them.

Once I decided to go freelance, I succeeded in any business I put my hands on. I co-founded an Interior design studio with my husband, having dream projects all around Europe. Then I had a solo web design business with the most incredible clients.

But something simply wasn’t right and that’s when my ongoing existential crisis reached its peak.


Dark Night of my Soul 🌑⚡

I woke up one day to a flare-up of an autoimmune disease that numbed two thirds of my body. Paralyzed, in shock and with the incredible fear that settled in every cell of my body, I realized what this illness was a messenger of:

“You simply can’t go on like this. The answer to the question “What’s your Purpose? And who are you truly?” is inside of you – seek it there.”

And so, I started looking for it. I took responsibility for my health and started working on myself with great determination to succeed in healing naturally. After all, it was about my health and I wanted to be healthy again!

I started to learn to love myself as children learn to walk. I read all the books written on self-healing. I meditated, prayed, processed childhood traumas, started to play more and discovered what makes me happy. I recorded my first solo piano album and returned to painting again. I accepted once and for all that I am an artist, no longer needing a confirmation from anyone else. I felt it with my whole body.

And at some point, I was able to hear my Soul loud and clear again. Speaking to me, guiding me, aligning me to my true Purpose.


Acceptance of my Calling


Once I put my life and health in an unprecedented order, I received a new urge from within:

“Empower highly creative individuals to find aligned ways (that fit them like a glove) to speak their authentic truth & help them succeed THEIR OWN WAY”

I then began a deeper study of something which has always come naturally to me – intuitively guiding human beings to their own wisdom, channelling divine messages for them and energy work. And it came with a total ease for me.

Next thing I know is I am attracting streams of abundance from multiple and many unexpected sources. Working with the most inspiring clients. Making a huge impact, feeling so blessed to be able to witness my clients’ huge transformations, succeeding tremendously in their businesses and lives.


And this is exactly what I help my clients with now.

I help vision-led entrepreneurs align to their unique Voice, activate their limitless potential & create profitable, Soul-aligned businesses, so that we can all contribute to a new inspiring world of conscious human beings acknowledging, utilizing and thriving on our Soul’s unique gifts (… while the Universe can peacefully purr in the background).

What is my favourite bonus to this magic?

That my clients don’t have to walk the same long way that I did in order to experience so much joy and abundance coming from being aligned to their unique energies and taking powerful action!

That saved time and energy is priceless.

Your Next Best Step?

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My Background


Education & Trainings

🌻 BA Adult Education & HR Graduate

🌻 Certified ICF Accredited Coach

🌻 Certified Human Design Reader

🌻 Certified Akashic Records Reader

🌻 2nd level Prananadi Energy Healer

🌻 +3x Successful Soul-Aligned Businesses Established and Counting

🌻 Hundreds of hours spent with both 1:1 and group Business, Life & Spiritual Coaching