Giving Back

I truly believe balance is essential for us to stay happy, healthy and prosperous. In other words, what we give and receive should be in balance. We live in an abundant Universe and there is enough for us all. That’s why I am so grateful that I can be supporting other beautiful Souls, in alignment with mine.

There are some of the organisations I share my profit with or support in other ways

  • Fandi mámám [EN: Root for Mums:] This small-sized organisation effectively helps single mothers and their children in difficult life situations. As I am a mother myself, I know how beautiful and also super challenging this role is. I can’t even imagine doing it all alone. That’s why I am so grateful that I can support these mums who are everyday heroes.

  • Shall it be you? Reach out and tell me about your protect at 

Distant energy healing

If you are / or you know of somebody who is need of an energy healing but struggles financially, please reach out to me directly at I am happy to help.