Dream Clients Bootcamp

Align & Attract clients you become obsessed with (!)



• A unique program designed to help you get unstuck, align & attract those high-level dream clients

• At least 4x 60min. Modules – LIVE Trainings + Q&As with lifetime access to replays (value: $1888)

MODULE OUTLINES [click the icon to unwrap]

1 Clarify, specify, create your ALIGNED audience

Sharing my honest story on how I got from begging clients to pay me little amounts to now signing high-level clients who can’t wait to pay me big sums in full.

Transforming the belief: “Please someone hire me! Anyone!!” to “I am naturally attracting & aligning the most wonderful high-level clients on Earth

We’ll talk Soulmate clients vs. Karmic clients.

Getting more clear on your people + lots of invaluable prompts on creating your DREAM audience & clientele.

2 Boundaries, responsibility, LEADERSHIP

How no or loose boundaries manifest in your life & business & how to change that (’cause you can in an instant! )

Taking personal ownership & leading yourself successfully through the “dry” periods in business with no or very little clients (and celebrating immense success shortly after)

What personal leadership in business looks like – key essentials, tips and super practical advice I wish I’d have before I burnt out for the first time.

3 The power of excellent COMMUNICATION

“The art of communication is the language of leadership.” – James Humes

Why excellent communication is  everything in the process of aligning & attracting your dream clients and what specifically you should focus on in order to succeed.

Communicating challenging situations – client complaints, refunds, haters – smoothly & in integrity.

4 MOST RELIABLE MAGNETS to attract your dream clients

What attracts vs. what repels your dream people & what to practically do about it.

Direct invitations aka Sales conversations / my story, my lessons, what worked, what hasn’t worked and WHY.

The magic of Momentum and how to easily create it & repeat it! Anytime you want, no matter the external circumstances.

•  Plus BONUS: “Call in your dream clients NOW” meditation (value: $44)
•  Plus BONUS 2: Laser coaching session with Daria (value: $344)

I say it’s your birth right to be working with clients that you genuinely LOVE working with.

I say you’re meant to receive infinite joy & abundance 💰 flowing to you from those Sacred Cooperations.


I say you deserve to experience the sweet taste of being booked up by your dream people way in advance.


And I say this is all available to you – so how about you CLAIM IT NOW?

Your Investment

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$2276 USD Total Value

Your investment: only $444 USD 


We’re kicking off on March 28th! 🚀

This could be you

“You’re simply the best business guru! With you, there are no thousands of techniques or overload of information. With you there’s only ease, simplicity and things are somehow happening on their own!” – Adela

“My life is now going in the right direction. I signed a new dreamiest client I am currently working with. I am doing what I love, enjoying life more, and most importantly, I feel closer to my Purpose in this life.” – Hana

Let’s Align & Attract those Soulmate clients!


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